Implementation and follow-up

The department of executive and follow up works on the Permanent communion between the candidate and the employer through the following:

1) Elaborate all the terms of the offer letter to the candidate with forms show all his right , Clarify all of its obligations with the employer and take the approval on the offer letter from the candidate and sent to the employer.
2) give the candidate a full statement with the required papers and the address of each specialist place.
3) The continuous updating for the situation regularly, and inform the employer with every step is done with the candidate as the procedures, and make a continuous updating for the situation weekly for all the candidates
4) Follow up the candidate in preparing all the requested papers to start getting a visa , as appropriate for the visa’s name as it sent through the continuous following with the candidate, and explain all the steps required procedures so as to ensure the ease and speed of completion.
5) Set a date to start the medical tests , and provide the candidate with the required information to do the medical test and complete it in the same day ,follow up the results and make sure of passed it successfully , and inform the candidate and the employer with the result .
6) Deliver the passport and all the requested paper to the consular Department in order to present the passport to the consult to start the procedures of stamping the visa.
7) Calling the candidate immediately after the issuance of a visa to attend and receive a visa , employment contract and end all travel permits. Also be willing to travel as soon as possible according to the employer .
8) Follow up the air ticket either it was booked by the candidate or the employer or by us, and ensure that the candidate has been received the ticket, then make a confirmation with the employer for processing representative to receive the candidate and give the candidate the date and the phone number of the responsible to communicate with him upon his arrival ,and communicate with the candidate until his arrival at his office.